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Cross Dock Operations

Cross-dock operations are one of the most crucial concepts in supply chain management, which reduces the overall cost of the Supply Chain while increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. A cross dock is typically useful in a scenario where a large quantity of material has to be shipped on a regular basis to a […]

Warehouse Management Trivia

Let us look at some of the most common terminologies associated with warehouse management, their meaning and usage: What is TAT? TAT or Turn Around Time is an important metric in Supply Chain. All material movement activities (loading, unloading, put-away, picking, dispatch, etc.) can be measured and benchmarked using TAT What is “Muda” – Hint: […]

Wave Picking

In the last post we saw the various types of picking methodologies available for a warehouse manager to choose from, such as Batch Picking, Zone Picking, Consignment / Order Based Picking and Wave Picking. Amongst these, Wave Picking by itself is a subject area in itself. And hence this post. What is Wave Picking? Wave […]

Order Picking Methodologies

Order picking is one of the most important processes in warehouse operations. This is because order picking can contribute almost 40 % to 50 % of operation cost incurred by the warehouse in comparison to receiving, storage and shipping processes. Also, order picking has a direct relation to customer satisfaction. The more efficient you’re picking […]