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Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management

What is Auto-ID or automatic identification?

Auto-ID or automatic identification refers to the identification process of the appropriate stock keeping units (SKU) during a supply chain process, using technologies such as RFID, barcodes etc. Automatic identification technologies improve the accuracy of the SKU identification process up to 99.99%. This naturally reduces errors while performing certain supply chain operations, thus reducing rework and improving time efficiency. These technologies also help businesses enforce certain rules such as FIFO, LIFO or a combination of rules that are absolutely necessary for smooth running of operations. Some of the areas where Auto-ID finds its application are receiving, binning, picking and packing.


Maintaining the Competitive Edge with IT

ERP, Barcoding, Transport Management Systems (TMS), Track and Trace solutions have been the growth enablers and key differentiators over the past decade. With these technologies now being part of the basic package for even new players, how can businesses maintain their competitive edge? How can the industry maintain the same growth rates it clocked in the past years with pressure on performance?


What the Data Says – Decoding the Data Deluge

Why is data so important when it comes to warehouse or supply chain management? What role does data and information play in effective supply chain and warehouse management? The obvious answer is that the right data and information helps in improving the organization’s decision making and performance, which naturally result in better profits to the company. 


Warehousing KPIs – What to Measure and What to Improve

Key performance indicators, more commonly known as KPIs play a key role in helping an organization define and measure its progress towards the defined goals. Once the mission has been analysed and the goals have been defined, KPIs are put in place for measuring the organization’s progress.

KPIs are measurements that can be quantified and agreed to beforehand. KPIs vary across different organizations and industries, and stay for a long time without changing often. They reflect the goals of the organization and are critical to organization’s success. (more…)

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