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Reverse Logistics in Pharmaceutical Industry

Reverse logistics is an area of supply chain, which is becoming popular only in recent years. Reverse logistics is the process of moving goods from the end customer to the source for purposes of proper disposal or capturing value. It involves collecting goods from the customers, sorting, disposal and retrieval of components at various levels in the supply chain and remanufacturing processes.  Reverse logistics plays an important role in improving the value extraction from returned goods, hence improving the economics of the company.


Warehousing – An India Perspective

Traditionally, warehousing in India has been made up of small unit sizes. Most warehouses were looked upon as mere godowns. The lack of world-class infrastructure has always hindered the growth of other industries that rely on warehousing and logistics. India is now witnessing a paradigm shift in warehousing due to the growth of organized warehousing and simplification of tax structure as well as other government aids.


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