What is Inventory Forecasting?

What is Inventory Forecasting? Inventory forecasting is the method to estimate or predict the stock required to be procured in the warehouse in order to meet the demands of the customers. The predictions are based on the past orders by the customer based on quantity of SKU, number of orders and market conditions (for seasonal […]

How to Optimize Warehouse Operations 

How to Optimize Warehouse Operations  Why is optimisation required? Optimizing warehouse operations is essential to maximize the overall efficiency of a warehouse. Non-optimized operations often lead to increased lead times for operations such as Put-away, Picking, Loading, and Dispatch operations, which in turn can affect timely as well as the quality of the delivery. How […]

Industry 4.0 for Supply Chain – The role of AI (Part 2)

Industry 4.0 for Supply Chain – The role of AI (Part 2) This is part 2 of a 3-part blog, addressing the 3 questions below. Part 1 – What is Industry 4.0? Part 2 – Where does Supply Chain figure in Industry 4.0? Part 3 – What is the role of AI in Supply Chain […]

Warehousing – An India Perspective

Warehousing – An India Perspective Traditionally, warehousing in India has been made up of small unit sizes. Most warehouses were looked upon as mere godowns. The lack of world-class infrastructure has always hindered the growth of other industries that rely on warehousing and logistics. India is now witnessing a paradigm shift in warehousing due to […]

Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management

Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management What is Auto-ID or automatic identification? Auto-ID or automatic identification refers to the identification process of the appropriate stock keeping units (SKU) during a supply chain process, using technologies such as RFID, barcodes etc. Automatic identification technologies improve the accuracy of the SKU identification process up to […]

Best Practices in A Cold Storage Warehouse

Best Practices in A Cold Storage Warehouse A Brief: Cold storage is the storage of any temperature controlled substance that prevents the substance from decaying or not adhering to the basic regulations that apply to that item. Cold storage warehouse management is a highly specialized skill which requires comprehensive knowledge of the industry, the ability to […]

What the Data Says – Decoding the Data Deluge

What the Data Says – Decoding the Data Deluge Why is data so important when it comes to warehouse or supply chain management? What role does data and information play in effective supply chain and warehouse management? The obvious answer is that the right data and information helps in improving the organization’s decision making and […]

Wave Picking

Wave Picking In the last post we saw the various types of picking methodologies available for a warehouse manager to choose from, such as Batch Picking, Zone Picking, Consignment / Order Based Picking and Wave Picking. Amongst these, Wave Picking by itself is a subject area in itself. And hence this post. What is Wave […]

Why Warehouse Management System?

Why Warehouse Management System? It is not so easy to manage warehouse operations. It includes efficient utilization of man-power, equipment & space and at the same time reduce the inventory carrying cost – all of which helps to run a profitable business in today’s competitive business environment. It looks simple in theory. But in reality, […]