WMS Features

PALMS™ Warehouse Management System provides configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs.

360° view with configurable stages, targets and advanced tools for monitoring

Fully excel compliant grids with copy and paste feature from application grid to Excel and vice versa 

Multiple Forecasting Models incorporating exponential smoothing for demand spikes & drops

Advanced Warehouse location Management with configurable racks & locations leading to optimal warehouse space utilization and faster ROI 

The above features make PALMS™ Warehouse Management System the preferred solution for warehouse automation and achieve faster ROI. At the highest levels, improvement areas where Technoforte's PALMS™ Warehouse Management System shows fast ROI can be summarized as follows:

01 Efficient Forecasting Algorithms ensure Optimal Inventory Positions resulting in Direct Cost Savings

02 Barcode, RFID and Voice Picking enabled processes for efficient and accurate material movement. Rugged Hand-held terminals with barcode or RFID functionality can be used for operations such as: receiving, binning/put-away, picking, kitting and packing.

03 Improved Utilization & Tracking of Man Hours through live monitoring dashboards.

04 Faster decisions improving the ROI of overall SCM Operations.

05 Empower the business through increased access to holistic, consistent enterprise information

06 Improved business performance, increased profitability, streamlined operational efficiency and proactive management of regulatory compliance.

07 PALMS™ WMS can be integrated to third party ERP using electronics data interchange (EDI).

08 PALMS™ electronics data interchange (EDI) helps companies extend their Warehouse Management System to their customers and suppliers.

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Through Technoforte’s suite of products, the company specializes in helping large and medium sized industries in implementing Business Intelligence solutions, Warehouse Management System, Service, and Warranty Management System and Mobile based Enterprise Level Solutions.

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