Light Systems

PALMS™ Light Systems

PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are seamlessly integrated with PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System.

Advantages of using PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are:

  • High Visibility of Storage Location
  • Integrated Pick and Put Away Confirmation
  • SKUs Handling Time reduced by 30% to 50%
  • Man-Power Cost Reduction by 30% to 58%
  • Simultaneous Operations capability increases up to 5 times
  • Auto-ID enabled counting mechanism increases accuracy to 99.95%
  • Hourly SKU handling capacity increase by 25% to 50%
  • Automatics Updation to PALMS™ Smart WMS or any other ERP
  • Unlimited number of SKUs handling
  • Three levels of Quality check to eliminate pick and put errors
  • Customizable Work Flow

Functions like Sorting, Cross Docking, Put Away and Picking can be simultaneously handled using PALMS™ Smart WMS and Light Systems. Picking rules such as Serial Number, Batch Number, Location Flush, FIFO and FEFO can be enforced.

Technoforte is a one-stop-shop for Light System automation hardware, conveyors, software, installation, integration, training and support.

Suitable for:

  • eCommerce Business
  • Distribution Business
  • Apparels Business
  • Food and Beverage