Why Warehouse Management System?

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It is not so easy to manage warehouse operations. It includes efficient utilization of man-power, equipment & space and at the same time reduce the inventory carrying cost – all of which helps to run a profitable business in today’s competitive business environment. It looks simple in theory. But in reality, the warehouse operation is […]

KPIs for the Supply Chain & Warehousing Industry

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Although our blog had an earlier post on KPIs, this topic is of such depth, that here’s another one with some more thoughts. KPIs are measurements that can be quantified and agreed to beforehand. KPIs vary across different organizations and industries. They reflect the goals of the organization and are critical to organizational success. Choosing […]

What the Data Says – Decoding the Data Deluge

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Why is data so important when it comes to warehouse or supply chain management? What role does data and information play in effective supply chain and warehouse management? The obvious answer is that the right data and information helps in improving the organization’s decision making and performance, which naturally result in better profits to the […]