Warehouse Management System

PALMS™ Agriculture and Cold Store Management System is specifically built to meet the needs of the Agricultural and Cold Storage Industry. Unique features of the system software are:


  • Process automation for Ambient and Frozen Warehouse environments
  • Farmers and Agents Advance Booking Management
  • Statutory Details Management
    • Aadhar Card
    • Individual or Company Details
    • Panchayat Certificate etc.
  • Rent Calculation and Collection
  • Gate Pass Entry and Exit Management
  • Unique Lot Number Management
  • Weigh Bridge Information Management
  • Good Receipt Management and Confirmation
  • Bond Issue and Loan Management
  • Auto ID and HHT based Put Away
  • Goods Picking and Dispatch Management
  • Truck Number, Driver and Labour Information Capturing

What is Technoforte?

Technoforte Software Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company engaged in providing high end enterprise solution in the field of Information Technology.

Through Technoforte’s suite of products, the company specializes in helping large and medium sized industries in implementing Business Intelligence solutions, Warehouse Management System, Service, and Warranty Management System and Mobile based Enterprise Level Solutions.

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