Warehouse Management System

PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are seamlessly integrated with PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System.

Advantages of using PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are:


  • High Visibility of Storage Location
  • Integrated Pick and Put Away Confirmation
  • SKUs Handling Time reduced by 30% to 50%
  • Man-Power Cost Reduction by 30% to 58%
  • Simultaneous Operations capability increases up to 5 times
  • Auto-ID enabled counting mechanism increases accuracy to 99.95%
  • Hourly SKU handling capacity increase by 25% to 50%
  • Automatics Updation to PALMS™ Smart WMS or any other ERP
  • Unlimited number of SKUs handling
  • Three levels of Quality check to eliminate pick and put errors
  • Customizable Work Flow


Functions like Sorting, Cross Docking, Put Away and Picking can be simultaneously handled using PALMS™ Smart WMS and Light Systems. Picking rules such as Serial Number, Batch Number, Location Flush, FIFO and FEFO can be enforced.

Technoforte is a one-stop-shop for Light System automation hardware, conveyors, software, installation, integration, training and support.

Suitable for:


  • eCommerce Business
  • Distribution Business
  • Apparels Business
  • Food and Beverage

What is Technoforte?

Technoforte Software Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company engaged in providing high end enterprise solution in the field of Information Technology.

Through Technoforte’s suite of products, the company specializes in helping large and medium sized industries in implementing Business Intelligence solutions, Warehouse Management System, Service, and Warranty Management System and Mobile based Enterprise Level Solutions.

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