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PALMS™ Smart WMS is designed with a modular architecture permitting the customer to “pick and choose” from a rich add-on module repository. This permits right pricing customized to exact customer requirements.

PALMS™ Smart WMS Core Features:

  • Master Data Setup (Warehouse, SKUs, Customers, Suppliers, Locations etc.,)
  • Receiving (ASN, Gate Inwards, Put-away with Location Suggestion, Exceptions etc.,)
  • Dispatch (Sales Order, Allocation by FIFO/FEFO/FMFO, Picking, Picking Exceptions etc.,)
  • Inventory (Stock, Stock Ledger, Internal & External Stock Transfers etc.,)
  • Stock Taking & Cycle Counts (Inventory reconciliation functions)
  • HHT Operations (Handheld Terminal Operations using Android based HHTs)

PALMS™ Smart WMS Self-learning Features:

PALMS™ Smart WMS has built-in “smartness” that always surprises its users. Some of the smart self-learning features of PALMS™ Smart WMS include:

  • Zero-setup recommendations like:
    • Put-away Bin Location Suggestion – based on past storage history
    • SKU’s Bin capacity computation – based on past storage statistics
    • Fast-mover SKU’s getting auto-awarded more accessible and closer-to-exit bin locations to maximize warehouse throughput

    Note – all zero-setup recommendations also have associated setups to further fine-tune system recommendations. However, the system also works without any setups by its self-learning capability

  • Best fit UOM allocation for a Sales Order in case of multi UOM scenarios
  • Remembering user preferences for all UI elements
  • Custom Notifications

PALMS™ - A Future ready WMS

Implementing a Warehouse Management System is one of the most critical decisions for any enterprise having supply-chain intensive operations. Once implemented, the WMS becomes a backbone for all future warehouse operations across the enterprise. One of the key decision making factors is the readiness of the WMS for future requirements. While the current requirement set may be limited, it cannot be ruled out that requirements will evolve and more complexity will be added to the business operations.

In choosing PALMS™ Smart WMS, as a valued customer you shall be well insured from all such future shocks. PALMS™ Smart WMS goes well beyond the current requirement set, and has a rich set of Add-On Modules that can be opted for at any later date. The modular architecture of PALMS™ Smart WMS enables us to deliver functions as a set of “pick and choose” options.

The following Add-On Modules are available in PALMS™ which can be opted for by client whenever need arises:

  • Wave Picking – eCommerce operations are increasingly becoming a part of a large enterprise’s Supply Chain and it may be well possible that the client’s operations are also required to cater to such demands in the future. PALMS™ Wave Picking module is designed especially for eCommerce related Picking Operations where a typical Sales Order contains one or two lines at the max. PALMS™ Wave Picking provides for an automated wave generation based on pre-set criteria by smartly batching orders together for a consolidated pick operation. Sorting functions help to quickly sort the picks, pack orders as per destination and slot the package as per courier / shipping partner. Coexistence of eCommerce and Conventional warehouse operations is also becoming an unavoidable reality of warehouse operations. PALMS™ provides for elegant models for managing Omni-channel Warehouse Operations using multiple configurable workflow templates within the same warehouse.
  • PALMS™ VMT – PALMS™ Android based HHT App is also optimized for further use with Vehicle Mounted Terminals with long-range scanners. This ensures fast scanning by MHE operators without getting off from their seat in the MHE. Improves threefold productivity of MHE Operators.
  • PALMS™ Resource & Cost Tracking – PALMS™ provides for accurate tracking of manpower, machinery and consumable resources. PALMS™ Task Management is further extended to provide for automated as well as user entered resource utilization. Costs can be attached to each resource type and based on the actual utilization of resources cost of executing each transaction is computed. PALMS™ Analytics add-on module provides drill down and multi-dimensional analysis function to spot leakages and MUDA wastages in process.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ready interfaces – A lot of time data to be entered to the PALMS™ system is not available in digitized EDI / CSV formats. Users need to do repetitive tasks of data entry for such operations. A good example of such a process is the entry of ASN details wherein Supplier Invoices are sent as hard copies or PDF files. RPA interfaces using tools like UIPath are trained to accept various types of Supplier Invoices and thereafter all required data entry from the invoices is made in the system by the RPA robots. This eliminates manual efforts in wasteful MUDA activities.
  • PALMS™ Activity Planner – An Operations Research based heuristics and artificial intelligence driven PALMS™ Activity Planner and Scheduler. The algorithm applies various constraints like resource availability, MHE availability, Dock availability, shift timings etc., and schedules the operations of the warehouse.
  • PALMS™ Cross Dock – PALMS™ Cross Dock helps running operations which can directly allocate and transfer stock from Receiving Bays to Dispatch Bays. Useful in scenarios where Back-To-Back orders are received for dispatch, or Back Orders require a direct transfer from Receiving to Dispatch Bay.
  • PALMS™ Voice Picking – PALMS™ Android driven HHT Application can also provide instructions as Voice and also accept Voice Inputs from the binner / picker. Helps in optimizing operations through hands-free reporting of data.
  • PALMS™ Analytics – PALMS™ supports BI and Analytics reporting tools. Technoforte has a ready Analytics wrapper built on Qlik and can also be made available on Microsoft Power BI tool. PALMS™ Analytics is available on SaaS and requires additional 3rd party Qlik Licenses and Hosting capabilities. PALMS™ Analytics ‘out of box’ Dashboards presentation is attached as an annexure along with this proposal. The dashboards cover visual analytics of Throughput, Location Utilization, Planned v/s Actual Receipts, Put Away Details, Put Away Performance, Put Away Quality Monitoring, Put Away Turnaround Time, Planned v/s Actual Dispatch, Dispatch Details, Pick Performance, Pick Turnaround Time, Vehicle Turnaround Time and Detention Analytics.
  • PALMS™ Forecasting – An end to end Forecasting engine which can forecast Demand, Inventory and Purchase quantities based on past demand trends and other variables like seasonality.


The PALMS™ Smart WMS Product team is continually enhancing the product features so that you as a customer can sit back and relax, confident that the next releases of product are being readied by an extremely talented and highly qualified team. Some of the futuristic features that are currently being worked upon at the PALMS R&D Labs are:

  • PALMS™ Step Counter: In warehouses where work gets done by mostly walking around, PALMS™ Step Counter, helps to know historic trends on number of steps required to traverse across locations. This data helps in judging the quantum of work completed and also for estimating the time for future tasks.
  • VMT Odometer Interface: Just like steps counting helps in estimating quantum of work for manpower moving on foot, VMT Odometer Interface is able to automatically collect the distance traversed data from the MHEs and tag it against location to location hop.
  • Time Predictor: AI/ML based algorithms use the Steps and Odometer data for prediction of “Estimated Time Required” for all Warehouse Tasks & Instructions. Provides for a man-power performance monitor and incentive program for rewarding productive man-power.
  • Augmented Reality & Wearables: Wearables are changing the way warehouse operations can be performed. PALMS™ R&D Labs is continuously working on integrating wearables for warehouse staff. Google Glass based augmented reality driven instructions, ring scanners for hands free operations, headphones and mic for voice driven operations are some of the initiatives in progress at our R&D Labs.

PALMS™ WCS helps customers integrate our warehouse management system to AS/RS, vertical carousel and other PLCs.
Standard reports available in PALMS™ WMS:
PALMS™ has 58 ready to use canned reports available which can be used in the warehouse operations. Further, frequently searched screens and columns can be named and saved as a named search.

Palms Location Analytics

Monthly Performance

Trucks Received and Dispatch Analytics

Bin Utilization Analytics by Storage Area

SKU Analytics

SKU Movement

The above insights provided makes PALMS™ the preferred warehouse management system for large warehouse operator. At the highest levels, improvement areas where Technoforte’s PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System shows fast ROI can be summarized as follows:

01 Efficient Forecasting Algorithms ensure Optimal Inventory Positions resulting in Direct Cost Savings

02 Barcode, RFID and Voice Picking enabled processes for efficient and accurate material movement. Rugged Hand-held terminals with
barcode or RFID functionality can be used for operations such as: receiving, binning/put-away, picking, kitting and packing.

03 Improved Utilization & Tracking of Man Hours through live monitoring dashboards.

04Faster decisions improving the ROI of overall SCM Operations.

05 Empower the business through increased access to holistic, consistent enterprise information

06Improved business performance, increased profitability, streamlined operational efficiency and proactive management of regulatory compliance.

07PALMS™ Smart WMS can be integrated to third party ERP using electronics data interchange (EDI).

08PALMS™ electronics data interchange (EDI) helps companies extend their Warehouse Management System to their customers and suppliers.

09PALMS™ can easily be extended to customers and suppliers using palms portal users

10PALMS™ WCS helps customers integrate the warehouse management system to ASRS, vertical carousel and other PLCs.

We have satisfied customers in following countries – India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya