PALMS smart warehouse management system takes care of all warehouse operations in a systematic and efficient way. Built on .Net framework, PALMS warehouse management software is a web based application which also supports android based Hand held terminal devices. The HHT device can be used to perform tasks like Receiving, Put-away, Picking, Stock Take, Cycle Count, Stock Transfers, Stock Enquiry, Yard Management, Unloading, Loading etc.. Apart from the regular operations and inventory management, the system also comes with advanced algorithm and features such as:

Configurable Work Flows: PALMS provides customizable workflows to suite different requirements. Workflows can be defined and applied by users without any code changes. PALMS provides a highly customizable framework within which custom code/stored procedures can be plugged in as part of pre-process or post process.

AI/ML: PALMS uses predictive modelling based on past usage data to predict the time taken to complete assigned tasks user wise, and also to optimise the put-away and picking sequence and route. 

Replenishment: PALMS provides a powerful configurable replenishment module. Automatic replenishment instructions can be created periodically based on Min-Max or Full Pallet capacity configurations.

Yard Management: PALMS provides a highly advanced Yard Management module which tracks every movement of a vehicle within the warehouse. Vehicle In, Gate Pass, Dock Management, Parking lot management, unloading and loading are some of the features offered by PALMS. Advanced visualizations like Expected Vehicles, Delayed Vehicles, Vehicles In-Premise, Backorder Fulfilment Rate, Cross dock fulfilment rate, Dock status, Parking lot status, simplifies managing the warehouse yard.

Custom Reports and Labels – PALMS provides users the flexibility to create and upload custom report RDLs and Label Formats.

Custom Excel Reports Generator – PALMS has an advanced reporting engine which provides the capability to build custom excel reports.

Resource Management: Resources, in terms of manpower, material and consumables, are tracked and captured for both planned and unplanned operations in PALMS. PALMS also provides advanced insights into resource management through reports such as resource usage report, daily activity and productivity reports.

Task Assignment: PALMS has the capability to assign tasks to resources at the time of instruction creation.

Interfacing: PALMS has the capability to interface with surrounding legacy systems through option like:

  1. CSV based flat file transfers
  2. DB to DB Integration
  3. Rest API’s
  4. IDOC’s

Freighter Suggestion: PALMS provides an advanced freighter suggestion option during outbound processing. Based on the rates configured, PALMS can suggest the best freighter for the selected shipment and route combination. The module also automatically calculates the volumetric weight and the approximate charges for the shipment, which helps in reconciling with the invoice shared by the vendor.

VMT: PALMS supports android based VMT devices with the full range of functionality available as part of the HHT module

RFID: PALMS has the capability to quickly integrate with RFID readers using PALMS RFID middleware to ensure seamless auto identification of pallets and totes during inbound, outbound and in-stock processes.

Warehouse Automation: PALMS comes with innovative warehouse automation solutions to efficiently manage operations like put-away, picking etc. PALMS supports solutions like Pick to Light, Sort to Light, Smart Conveyors, Pallet Shuttles, Carton Shuttles and goods to persons. Apart from the standard picking solutions, PALMS also supports Pick to Light, Pick by Voice, and Pick by Vision (AR)

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