Light Systems

PALMS™ Light Systems

PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are seamlessly integrated with PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System.

PALMS™ Put-to-Light Systems:

Put-to-light solutions utilize a series of LED light devices to provide guidance to operators regarding where to place goods and the quantity to pack into each package, box, or shelf drawer. The primary objective of put-to-light is to efficiently organize products in shipping boxes, ensuring a swift and error-free process.

The put-to-light system can be deployed on picking shelves or carts to facilitate efficient pick-to-cart operations. Here’s how it functions: each container is equipped with a corresponding light. During order preparation, the display at the relevant location illuminates, indicating to the operator where to deposit the goods and the required quantity.

Put-to-light systems are integrated with the PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System (WMS), which manages the light displays and automates decision-making for operators. In essence, the WMS instructs operators on which box to place the goods in and displays the quantity on the LED screen for the specific SKU. The software is also connected to the RF scanners that operators use to scan the products for sorting.

Put-to-light systems are commonly implemented to minimize errors in batch picking, where operators pack varying quantities of a single SKU into multiple orders. To expedite the supply of goods to pick stations where orders are sorted, a conveyor system for boxes can be established to ensure a continuous flow of stock alongside the put-to-light system.

PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems:

Pick to light represents a category of order fulfillment technology aimed at enhancing picking precision and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing labor expenses. Importantly, pick to light operates in a paperless manner by utilizing alphanumeric displays and buttons situated at storage locations to assist your workforce in manual picking, placement, sorting, and assembly tasks.

The typical operation of Pick-to-Light Systems is as follows:

  1. Operators scan item barcodes affixed to temporary and reusable storage containers, such as shipping cartons.
  2. Subsequently, the system’s alphanumeric display, often comprising LED lights, illuminates to indicate a pathway guiding the operator to the designated storage area. There, the system specifies both the quantity and the specific items to be picked.
  3. The operator retrieves the item(s), deposits them into the storage container, and confirms the picking action by pressing a button.
  4. This process continues iteratively, with each sector being illuminated for picking until all items have been successfully picked and placed within their respective storage containers.

Depending on the specific pick-to-light system, additional functionalities may be available. Frequently, apart from the LED display, pick to light includes an acknowledgment button and a digital readout to facilitate more detailed instructions and options. For instance, your chosen system might permit employees to record fundamental data like variations in pick sizes, while other systems might provide specific instructions, order numbers, zone directions, and supplementary information.

Advantages of PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems

  • High Visibility of Storage Location
  • Integrated Pick and Put Away Confirmation
  • SKUs Handling Time reduced by 30% to 50%
  • Man-Power Cost Reduction by 30% to 58%
  • Simultaneous Operations capability increases up to 5 times
  • Auto-ID enabled counting mechanism increases accuracy to 99.95%
  • Hourly SKU handling capacity increase by 25% to 50%
  • Automatics Updation to PALMS™ Smart WMS or any other ERP
  • Unlimited number of SKUs handling
  • Three levels of Quality check to eliminate pick and put errors
  • Customizable Work Flow

Functions like Sorting, Cross Docking, Put Away and Picking can be simultaneously handled using PALMS™ Smart WMS and Light Systems. Picking rules such as Serial Number, Batch Number, Location Flush, FIFO and FEFO can be enforced.

The technology can be applicable for eCommerce, distribution, apparels, and food and beverage, and businesses across a wide variety of industries.

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