Frequently Asked Questions

PALMS™ is available in four flavours to suit the business needs of various warehouse operators. The flavours cater to a range of businesses from small self-managed warehouses to large 3PL warehouse chains. PALMS™ Standard and PALMS™ 3PL Standard versions are ready to use out-of-the-box. Enterprise editions cater to cases where integration and process customization is required. Our expert team will help you identify the right flavour for your business based on your requirements. Contact our PALMS™ Expert to know more.

PALMS™ is available in standard and Enterprise versions. Enterprise versions have additional functional features, ability to interface with third-party software and hardware, support for customizations and extensions and can handle barcode-based warehouse operations. Please contact us to receive a detailed comparison of all flavours of PALMS™.

PALMS™ is a robust WMS system that is easy on the end-user. With its unique PALMS™ IntelliSuggest, PALMS™ SmartPick and PALMS™ AccuBill functionalities, PALMS™ can significantly improve your warehouse performance and reduce costs. Get in touch with us for a detailed demo of the application and we shall be glad to help you determine fitment of the right flavour of PALMS™ for your warehouse management needs.

PALMS™ can be installed on-premises or can be hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Depending on your choice of flavour and your business requirements, our consultants can offer an optimal hardware configuration.

PALMS™ is available in two flavors, namely, standard and enterprise editions. The Bill of Material needs to be understood in order to provide the correct quote. Mail to [email protected] for getting the latest prices.

Yes. Upgrade Licenses can be purchased to take advantage of the additional features in the Enterprise flavour. Customers can also choose to add more locations or users by purchasing upgrades. Data Migration, Process Upgrades and training services will be available separately.

PALMS™ can be extended using add-ons like PALMS™ Analytics to configure interactive dashboards, create data visualization and to perform predictive analytics using the data available from PALMS™. Separate charges and license fee are applicable to configure add-ons.

PALMS™ Enterprise and PALMS™ 3PL Enterprise are feature-rich versions that are capable of handling most warehouse processes. However, in case there is a requirement to map a specific process, it can be taken up during implementation. Note: Only the Enterprise versions support customizations.

PALMS™ licenses are purchased with one year annual upgrade services. Post this period, you may choose to opt for our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that will ensure you get access to trained personnel for resolving Support Requests. With an AMC, you will also receive latest fixes and service packs as and when they are available.

PALMS™ provides three options to handle warehouse operations – User Interface, MS Excel uploads/downloads and HHTs. You can run a high-performance warehouse with PALMS™ without using HHTs.

PALMS™ supports different user types with various levels of access restrictions. You can choose to share any particular screen with your vendors, partners, end-customers or simply, colleagues from other departments. Being a web-based application, PALMS™ can be accessed by any authorized user with proper security credentials. Our Enterprise versions support Customer and Supplier portals.

Receiving Supplier-side data like Advanced Shipment Note (ASN), Part dimensions and details, Price list, etc. can be achieved by interfacing PALMS™ with the suppliers’ information system. Our expert team will assist you in this integration. Supplier system documentation and support will be required.

PALMS™ can interface with all common warehousing related hardware like Handheld Terminals (HHTs), RFID readers, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and AS/RS

Yes we can provide hosting on Microsoft Azure services. Microsoft Azure assures 99.9% server up time . We can also provide other services along with hosting such as data backup, test server and disaster recovery setup.