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PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System

PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System is a Digital Transformation tool for supply chain and warehouse management, providing configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Highly advanced logic based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement features in PALMS™ Smart WMS helps dramatically control labor costs and space utilization.
PALMS™ Smart WMS helps to create a “Digital Warehouse”, a digitally transformed warehouse that records inventory information and puts data with actionable insights at your disposal, enhancing traceability and visibility and eliminating the need for physical maintenance of records. The solution based on its Service Oriented Architecture offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics and other 3rd party systems. Efficient warehouse management can be at your fingertips with PALMS™ Smart WMS.

What is WMS?

Warehouse management is a complex undertaking that involves balancing a lot of variables. A warehouse management system serves as the singular platform to control the activities for one or multiple warehouses. What exactly can the warehouse management software do for you? How does PALMS™ Smart WMS digitally transform warehouses? Watch the video to find out!

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Higher Space Utilization

By automating location management and defining putaway and pick strategies you can improve 20% of warehouse space.

20% Higher Customer Retentions

Integrate with Customer’s and their supplier’s systems & processes to provide real time ordering process with inventory visibility will help retain your customers.

30% Better Order Fulfillment

Better Order planning with location management and accurate picking using real time HHT, RFID and voice will improve your order fulfillment cycles and improves credibility.

20% Reduce Sales Returns

By implementing and automating smart pick process with Barcode, HHT, RFID and Voice you can now deliver on-time and accurate items, which will help reducing your returns.

20% Improve Resource Utilization

HHT with workflow based environment will help improving better utilization of your manpower and machines.

Informed Decision Making

Have 360 degree view of your warehouse management operations using PALMS™ Analytics and take right decision at the right time.

Future Ready

Stay in tune with latest warehouse management technology and solutions with PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System.

Partners Collaborations

Automate and integrate your customer and supplier business processes with PALMS™ Partner Portal.

Key Capabilities

Resource Management

Track productivity, assign task, performance insights

Demand Planning

Forecasting using historical data to optimize inventory levels & minimize stockouts

Inventory Visibility

Real-time inventory tracking in warehouse management software

Optimizing the warehouse

Optimizing storage allocation and resource utilization with warehouse management software

Order Fulfillment

Optimize packing, loading and sorting, and picking strategies with warehouse management software


Integration of warehouse management software with ERP, CRM and other third party systems

Unleash the Future: Digitally Transform Your Warehouse with PALMS™ Smart WMS!

The PALMS™ Digital Warehouse

PALMS™ Warehouse Management Software is pioneering the Digital Supply Chain Revolution, helping you transform your warehouse by integrating technology throughout operations, creating a future-ready facility.

PALMS™ Smart WMS Modules

PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System is highly adaptable, accommodating custom configurations and offering versatile modules for a variety of operational scenarios.

WMS Cloud and WMS
On-Premises Deployment

PALMS™ Smart WMS offers both on-premises and cloud deployment.

PALMS™ Smart WMS Analytics

Maximize efficiency, minimize risks with PALMS™ Smart WMS Analytics powered by QlikView and PowerBI.

Industry Solutions

  • Inventory tracking across locations and entities
  • Manage complex Kit parts
  • Suited for Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Support QR codes, Barcodes and RFID based tracking
  • Web-based Supplier Portals
  • Spare Parts Inventory Tracking
  • Cross-dock Inventory Management
  • Kanban/Serial Number-based Inventory tagging
  • Real-time data capture and tracking
  • System defined process in controlled inventory management
  • Track inventory by expiry date
  • Expiry date tracking
  • Manage sales returns
  • Enforce fefo/fifo picking logic
  • Manufacture date tracking
  • Serial number tracking
  • Segregate inventory automatically based on storage temperature and other attributes
  • Multi-company, Multi-location capability
  • Automated ABC-based 3PL Billing
  • Interface with customer ERP systems
  • Flexible rules configuration for different customers and SKUs
  • Web-based Customer Portals
  • Built-in Distribution-oriented warehouse  management
  • Track inventory by Mfg. date, Exp. date and Serial number
  • Manage Sales Returns and Delivery Returns
  • Process large, multiple orders seamlessly by Zone Picking
  • Can Interface with e-commerce portals and CRM applications
  • Gate Pass and Weigh bridge capture and integration
  • Manage Farmers and Agents statutory details
  • Issue tradable bonds against agriculture produce stored
  • Truck information management
  • Labour information management
  • Rental warehouse management
  • Item level and box level apparel management
  • Returns management by each and box
  • Apparel Category, Size and Colour Management
  • Barcode based receiving, put-away and picking system
  • Warehouse management for location
  • EAN and Lot number management and returns traceability to Lot
  • Track inventory by Serial Number
  • Manage complex Kit parts
  • Manage Sales Returns
  • Ability to store virtual SKUs (like licenses)
  • Ambient and Frozen area creation
  • Quality Check to capture temperature, pack damage and expiry dates
  • Material movement from Quality Check to Palletization
  • Pallet storage and retrieval
  • Billing charge management
  • Near expiry products alert
  • Pick using methodologies like Wave Picking, Route based picking, Consolidated/Consignment picking
  • Sort and pack orders
  • Customer or consignment wise packing
  • LIFO Loading based on loading pattern
  • Capture POD
  • Manage Sales Returns
  • Integrate with eCommerce websites with standard connectors
  • eWay bill generation and label printing


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