PALMS WMS, is one of the top Warehouse Management Systems in UAE, India and Africa. The WMS is widely used in warehouses of all sizes across different industry verticals like FMCG, Automotive, Furniture and E-commerce. PALMS warehouse management software combines basic features with advanced functionalities to provide a state-of-the-art warehouse management systems. The WMS system offers customizable flows for different operational requirements and provides options like:

Inventory Tracking – Tracking of SKUs and packs through Stock Buckets helps in monitoring the status and health of the Inventory at each step.

Stock Planning – Demand Forecasting based on ABC Classification of Inventory helps users to predict future demand. This ensures that SKUs in high demand never run out of stock and SKUs with less demand are not overstocked.

3PL Logistics – With its advanced 3PL engine, PALMS has the capability to configure any custom 3PL rule. PALMS offers options such as Fixed Charges, Document Charges, Volumetric storage and location based storage charges and peak charges. Option to generate 3PL Invoice based on defined periodicity plus advanced reports such as warehouse profitability report and revenue reports provide deep insight into the warehouse operations.

Labor Management – Resources, in terms of manpower, material and consumables, are tracked and captured for both planned and unplanned operations in PALMS. PALMS also provides advanced insights into resource management through reports such as resource usage report, daily activity and productivity reports.

Yard Management – PALMS provides a highly advanced Yard Management module which tracks every movement of a vehicle within the warehouse. Vehicle In, Gate Pass, Dock Management, Parking lot management, unloading and loading are some of the features offered by PALMS. Advanced visualizations like Expected Vehicles, Delayed Vehicles, Vehicles In-Premise, Backorder Fulfilment Rate, Cross dock fulfilment rate, Dock status, Parking lot status, simplifies managing the warehouse yard.

Cross Stuffing: PALMS offers a seamless cross stuffing capability to manage:

  1. Bulk Break operations : One vehicle to many vehicles.
  2. Consolidation of shipments : Many Vehicles to One Vehicle.

Cross Stuffing operations can be carried out through the HHT and involves direct movement of material between different vehicles.

Replenishment: PALMS provides a powerful configurable replenishment module. Automatic replenishment instructions can be created periodically based on Min-Max or Full Pallet capacity configurations.

Custom Reports and Labels – PALMS provides users the flexibility to create and upload custom report RDLs and Label Formats.

Custom Excel Reports Generator – PALMS has an advanced reporting engine which provides the capability to build custom excel reports.

We offer WMS System in Middle East countries like UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.