PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System is a software application designed to optimize and control the activities of a warehouse, providing businesses with real-time visibility, improved inventory management, and enhanced operational efficiency.

The Features of PALMS™ WMS

The varied features of PALMS™ Smart WMS offer the capability to handle multiple facets of warehouse management:

1. Inventory Tracking :

PALMS™ provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements within the warehouse. It offers the capabilities to maintain stock ledgers and to accommodate internal and external stock transfers. 

2. Order Fulfillment :

PALMS™ WMS optimizes the order fulfillment processes by organizing picking routes, suggesting efficient picking strategies, and automating the packing and shipping processes. A customized notification dashboard is available to stay on top of tasks. This results in faster order processing and improved customer satisfaction. 

3. Warehouse Optimization :

Businesses can optimize their warehouse layout, storage space allocation, and resource utilization. The system suggests the most efficient put-away and picking strategies, minimizing unnecessary movements and maximizing space utilization. The self-learning features like bin location suggestion and separation of fast and slow movers result in increased warehouse throughput.

4. Demand Planning :

By analyzing historical data, sales trends, and customer demand, PALMS™  assists in demand planning and forecasting. It helps businesses maintain optimal inventory levels, preventing stockouts and reducing excess inventory. 

5. Handheld Terminal Integration :

Compatibility with handheld terminals (HHT) enables seamless data capture, improving inventory accuracy and speeding up processes like receiving, picking, and packing. It can also be extended to work with vehicle-mounted terminals that have long-range scanners. This reduces manual errors and enhances overall efficiency. 

6. Resource Management :

Businesses can monitor and manage machinery and manpower effectively using the PALMS™ Resource Management module.  It tracks employee productivity, assigns tasks, and provides performance insights enabling businesses to optimize workforce utilization and enhance productivity. It also helps identify ‘MUDA’ (work that does not add value) or wastage in the process to optimize operations.

7. Reporting and Analytics :

PALMS™ generates comprehensive reports and provides valuable analytics on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to warehouse operations. Businesses can leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve processes.

8. Labeling :

The barcode reader and label printing software component of PALMS™ can help label locations in the warehouse. Inventory security, asset tracking, and order replenishment become easier when locations in the warehouse can be tracked using barcodes.

9. Real-time Integration :

The seamless integration of PALMS™ with other business systems like ERP or CRM allows for the automation of functions and real-time data transfer.

Why choose PALMS™?

PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System can handle any custom configurations required by companies. The service-oriented architecture of the application offers full integration for sales, purchasing, logistics, and other third-party systems.

The software can be deployed in cloud-based (SaaS) platforms or on-premises.

The Versatility of PALMS™ Modules

PALMS™ offers several different modules for different operational scenarios:   

  • Android HHT
  • 3PL Billing Module
  • Replenishment Module
  • Forecasting Module
  • Labeling Module
  • Kitting Module
  • Cross Docking Module
  • Pricing and Taxation Module
  • Wave Picking Module
  • Planning Module
  • Smart Warehouse Navigation Module
  • Yard Management
  • PO Management
  • Resource Management
  • PALMS Analytics

PALMS™ for company-owned warehouse operations comes in two variations, namely – PALMS™ Standard – for regular warehousing operations, and PALMS™ Enterprise – for large and complex warehousing operations.

PALMS™ Support

The responsive and extensive support infrastructure of PALMS™ sets us apart. The structured ticketing system helps ensure timely responses and comprehensive support. We can direct the full attention of our support executives to any issue and creatively problem-solve for a personalized solution.

PALMS™ has an incredibly successful track record with MNCs and large corporations across multiple industry verticals. Periodic upgrades with the latest advancements in warehouse technology and new features keep the application flexible and future-proof.

With PALMS™, companies can better respond to customer expectations on exactly how they want their orders sourced, packaged, and shipped.

Our scalability and accessibility are unparalleled.

PALMS™ offers all the visibility and analytics you could need, on one platform.

Read more about the features of PALMS™ here.

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