PALMS™ Analytics

The path to optimum operational efficiency in warehousing is created with extensive data analytics. With PALMS™, all data sets from multiple warehouses can be tracked on the same platform. Pre-configured templates enable ease of access. Visualization allows you to spot patterns, trends and outliers. Robust security protocols protect the data, and insights allow you to find weaknesses and optimize for cost savings, productivity, efficiency, and maximum space utilization.        


Information on many data points can be tracked using our warehouse analytics:

  • Procurement analytics
  • Location visualization
  • Monthly performance
  • Trucks received
  • Planned vs Actual Receipt and Receipt quality monitor
  • Put-away details with Average volume and TAT 
  • Planned vs Actual Dispatch
  • Picking details / performance with Average volume and TAT 
  • Vehicle TAT and Detention report

PALMS™ Analytics is powered by Qlik and PowerBI for warehouse location visualization and actionable insights. There are numerous ready-to-use reports. 

The WMS can help companies improve their bottom line by providing information dashboards depicting their KPIs and KPAs. This gives both the management and employees the ability to take faster, data-driven decisions.

Choose the WMS that can transform your business.

Is your WMS tracking the right metrics? Are you able to take timely action to address inefficiencies in warehouse operations using WMS analytics? 

Before you choose your WMS provider, make sure you ask these questions.

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