KPIs for the Supply Chain & Warehousing Industry

KPIs for the Supply Chain & Warehousing Industry

Although our blog had an earlier post on KPIs, this topic is of such depth, that here’s another one with some more thoughts.

KPIs are measurements that can be quantified and agreed to beforehand. KPIs vary across different organizations and industries. They reflect the goals of the organization and are critical to organizational success. Choosing the criteria for defining the KPIs is an important process. Different industries/business models require different measurements. For example, KPIs for a Manufacturing Supply Chain will be different from that of a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Supply Chain.

Few KPIs to Measure & Improve are…


  • Accuracy
  • Levels by Day
  • Aging by SKU
  • Turn by SKU


  • Required Arrival Date Compliance
  • On-Time Performance on Fulfillment Orders
  • Appointment Compliance
  • Transit Time Metrics
  • Weight Capacity Utilization
  • Claims Ratio


  • Inbound/Outbound Volume Activity and Throughput
  • Productivity Score Card by Function
  • Cost Breakdown by Case, Pallet, Weight-fixed-variable and Combination
  • Labor Cost Per Man Hour v/s Throughput
  • Monthly Operating Costs

Infrastructure Performance

  • Facility Space Utilization
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Safety Reports
  • Claims
  • Sanitary Issues


  • Shipping and Receiving Turn Times
  • Shipped Fill Rate on Fulfillment Orders
  • Orders Shipped Complete
  • Order Picking Accuracy

Cost Analysis

  • By Route
  • By Weight
  • By Product

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