PALMS™ Barcode Scanning System

PALMS™ Barcode Scanning Software

A barcode scanning software refers to the entire infrastructure used to build a network of software and hardware to simplify the data collection process, consisting of devices like handheld terminals, mobile computers and the accompanying software applications.  

In WMS, a barcode system can eliminate the need for manual data entry and human errors, and can help handle the enormous amounts of inventory data generated by each warehouse on the platform.  

Stock Control with Scanners

The barcode tracking system is a hands-off approach that can automate the processes of inventory security, asset tracking, and orders at replenishment levels. It allows companies the freedom to focus on production and distribution rather than warehouse management. 

Different types of barcodes serve different purposes and they can be utilized to create unique labels, or barcodes that don’t need periodic updates, or barcodes that can be scanned from up to two feet away. 

The barcode reader software offers the capabilities to: 

  • Create barcodes 
  • Generate templates for label printing 
  • Interpret codes on company-owned devices 
  • Serialize items of the inventory 
  • Collect data swiftly on inventory levels and locations 
  • Store error-free data safely 


Benefits of a Barcode Scanning System

The implementation of software for scanning barcodes can take operations to the next level, bringing companies closer to being as efficient as possible. The benefits of our software are: 

  • Increase the speed of order fulfillment. Automatic cycle counts, computing bin capacity and adaptability for a variety of picking processes and SKUs means warehouse employees have more time to ensure appropriate packing, loading and unloading. 
  • Minor mistakes in inventory data and the picking process can snowball into huge problems. The artificial intelligence brings down the likelihood of errors to almost zero. 
  • Instantaneous data records and updates improve operations by leaps and bounds. This data can also be accessed on the same platform regardless of the number of different warehouses. Our robust technical architecture makes for reliable, trustworthy automation. 
  • ABC Analysis of the collected data allows for better organization, and the scanning software ensures your workforce always knows exactly where each SKU is located. Future needs of the inventory can also be forecasted. 
  • Increased data accuracy also means better cost management. This structured, automated system means inventory reconciliation information is always precise. 

Why PALMS™ is a Game Changer

The PALMS™ Barcode System integrates with any ERP like JDE, SAP etc. PALMS™ Barcode can be also extended to suppliers for readiness at the source. The RFID enabled HHTs also ensure ease of use and accessibility to all kinds of employees.  

Some key features of our barcode reader software are: 

  • Labeling for inwards stocks 
  • Barcode QA Process 
  • Barcode based Picking 
  • IMU Barcode 
  • Location Barcode 
  • Barcode IMU loading/unloading process

The PALMS™ Barcode Scanning System provides real-time, omnichannel visibility for any number of warehouses, to track all inventory movement. With our software at your fingertips, increasing throughput, maximizing capacity, and increasing efficiency and productivity become far more achievable goals.  

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