Supplier & Customer Portal

PALMS™ - Supplier & Customer Portal

The relationship between a primary company, its suppliers and its customers is a crucial factor in determining the success of the business. For seamless collaboration between the two most important cogs in a supply chain, PALMS™ has a Supplier & Customer Portal module with a login for your suppliers and customers, so that relevant data is always readily available to them.

PALMS™ Supplier & Customer Portal helps extend certain PALMS™ Smart WMS functionalities to customers and suppliers, like communicating shipment information to suppliers and inventory levels to customers. PALMS™ Supplier & Customer Portal can also be integrated with customer or supplier ERP systems, or any third party applications.

The abilities offered on PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal are:

For Suppliers

View Purchase Orders:

PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal allows suppliers to view purchase orders easily. Purchase orders can be set up with certain conditions and request the materials needed. It is a convenient and quick method to manage order requests and maintain transaction records. The Portal allows for it to be set up so that it can be interfaced from an integrated ERP.

Create and update ASN:

Suppliers within your supply chain have the option to submit their invoices via the supplier portal or email. It also helps prevent invoices from going missing, which can lead to delays in payment receipt.

View inward status and reconciliation report

Set notifications for inbound delivery so that you can be alerted when it is created. With automatic notifications settings for shipping, delivery status can be tracked conveniently, so that the entire shipping process can be viewed from the application.

View GRN (Goods Received Note) status

The Goods Received Note typically indicates the receipt of an order, which can be verified against the Purchase Order (PO) for confirmation. PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal offers suppliers the ability to view the GRN status.

For Customers

Create, update or cancel orders

PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal can be used by customers to create, update or cancel orders on the application by logging into it.

View order status

Customers are also able to track and view their order status on the portal, including indications like dispatch, shipping and other steps in the delivery process.

Download dispatch information

Customers are able to view and download the dispatch note that contains information like the list of products and quantities of items ordered, weight, serial numbers and order numbers, manufacturer information, name and addresses of sender and receiver, and so on.

Real-time inventory visibility

Customers can view the inventory levels and gain information on the availability of items in real-time, so that orders can be placed accordingly.

How does PALMS Partner Portal help your warehouse?

Standardize and communicate processes across multiple suppliers

PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal can support auditing and generate conditions for a supplier profile. It can be used to standardize processes across multiple suppliers, for example, creating a uniform barcode label that all suppliers must use.

Improved integration and communication

The supplier relationship can go beyond just procurement. PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal can facilitate greater communication in all areas, and put documentation in the hands of your business. Once this process is streamlined, it can contribute to reduced documentation errors and suppliers getting paid faster. It could persuade the supplier to integrate with PALMS WMS, which leads to a greater amount of data available to your business.

Helping suppliers manage shipment data

Suppliers have their own internal processes which they audit based on customer data, considering metrics like on-time deliveries, satisfaction levels, and operations of their own partners. Each shipment from the supplier is routed, tracked and approved on multiple levels, and PALMS Supplier & Customer Portal can give them access to the latest data, such as bills of lading.

The business partnership can become stronger simply by making it easier for your suppliers to audit using the Supplier & Customer Portal. The data being accessible in a single location gives you an overview of their services, and helps you compare suppliers easily.

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