Cross Dock

PALMS™ Cross Dock

Cross-docking in supply chain management is an effective approach when dealing with a large number of different suppliers concentrated in a particular area. Opting for cross-docking can be advantageous through reduced costs, avoiding inventory shortages and reverse logistics operations to rectify shortages, excesses or damages at the manufacturer’s end.

What is cross docking?

Simply put, cross-docking is when goods are unloaded from inbound vehicles and immediately loaded into outbound vehicles with little or no storage period.

This serves the logistical purpose of streamlining the supply chain, moving goods more swiftly, and saving on storage and space related costs in the warehouse.

Based on operational requirements, there are different types of cross-docking, i.e, Manufacturer Cross Dock, Distributor Cross Dock, Transport/Logistic Cross Dock, all of which can be handled by PALMS™ WMS. 

Why choose PALMS™ Cross-Dock?

PALMS provides built-in support for cross-dock operations. With PALMS™ Cross Dock, there is real-time visibility on:

  • In Transit Stock
  • Stock at Cross Dock
  • Receipt at Cross Dock
  • Dispatches from Cross Dock

Some of the features available in PALMS specific to cross docking are:

  • Multiple Cross-Dock configuration
  • Supplier – Part – Cross-Dock – Customer Mapping
  • Route configuration with built-in support for multi cross-dock routing
  • Three point validation of material and exception handling based on:
    • Purchase Order vs Invoiced Quantity vs Material Received
    • Multiple invoices against a single Purchase Order
    • Dashboard and Notifications

The task management features also aids in the intricate coordination required to successfully achieve cross-docking. With a number of ready-to-use reports on various important metrics, PALMS provides the required data with actionable insights to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. 

The Application of PALMS™ Cross Dock Module for Automotive OEM Companies

One demonstrable use case of the PALMS™ Cross Dock module is its application for Automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Auto OEMs tend to maintain inventory at 3PL Warehouse Locations which are close to the car manufacturing plant. With PALMS™ Cross Dock, OEMs are able to meet their JIT (Just-in-Time) obligations and reduce distribution lead times.

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