Agriculture and Cold Storage Management Software

PALMS™ - Agriculture and Cold Storage Management System

Cold storage system is a warehouse management program that can be applied to help regulate conditions like temperature and humidity levels in warehouses that preserve perishable items like vegetables, fruits, and meat, or products that require special conditions, like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plants and textiles. 

The management of cold storage warehouses is a complicated process that involves innumerable variables.  

A good cold store software has a multitude of capabilities that can manage tasks like inbound and outbound logistics, supplier, agent and customer details, payments, and inventory management.  

These functions are simplified when the right software is employed for records, automation and analytics; saving time and cutting down on errors. 

How does a cold store benefit from WMS?

With cold storage requiring temperatures as low as 28C, saving on energy costs and maximizing capacity of the warehouse are major concerns.  

Mobile racking and drive-in racking are typical strategies used by cold storage warehouses to utilize space as efficiently as possible. However, operational issues can arise out of such strategies and that’s where the WMS comes in.  

There are many similar warehousing challenges specific to cold storage management that can be addressed with our top-of-the-shelf WMS.  


The mechanism that connects the product to the WMS are the barcodes. Any inaccuracy in this labeling be it expiry dates, specific types or location tags can be catastrophic.  

The precision of PALMS™ with the printing and location labeling technology ensures that such scenarios are avoided.

Perishable Food Items

Different items in the cold storage might require different levels of humidity and temperature. Without a WMS, this job might be performed by an operator who has to be physically present at the warehouse at all times.  

For optimal space utilization and cost-effective operations, the same location might store multiple commodities requiring different conditions in different chambers. PALMS™ understands this, and even has the specific functionality to create ripening chambers as needed. 

Data tracking

Precise information regarding bin location and capacity can be incredibly significant in the management of a cold storage warehouse. Products like fresh produce, especially, may require additional controls like CO2 and humidity. Without accurate data records, it can be difficult to meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards.

Why choose PALMS as your cold storage software?

PALMS™ Agriculture and Cold Store Management System is a module built specifically to meet the needs of the agricultural and cold store industry. 

The various unique features of our cold storage system are:

  • Process automation for ambient and frozen warehouse environments 
  • Farmers and agents advance booking management 
  • Statutory Details Management
    • Aadhar Card
    • Individual or Company Details
    • Panchayat Certificate etc.
  • Rent calculation and collection 
  • Gate pass entry and exit management 
  • Unique lot number management 
  • Weigh Bridge Information Management 
  • Good Receipt Management and Confirmation 
  • Bond Issue and Loan Management 
  • Auto ID and HHT based Put Away 
  • Goods Picking and Dispatch Management 
  • Truck Number, Driver and Labour Information Capturing 

The security features of PALMS™ cold storage software are intricate and robust. Employees can only view the data they are allowed to access.  

Our application has special functionality catered to blast freezing and tempering. The WMS extraction command can create an alert when products reach a preset temperature.  

The PALMS™ WMS is also able to support multiple allocation strategies:  

  • FIFO 
  • FMFO 
  • FEFO 

Cost management becomes easier with PALMS™ because of our cloud-hosted application requiring minimal IT infrastructure and lower upfront costs.   

Cloud WMS also means a rapid fulfillment process with a straightforward onboarding process, flexibility and scalability in operations, seamless integration with ERP systems, and a user-friendly, accessible customer experience tailored to cold storage management.  

Read more about WMS features here. 

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