Case Study – FMCG Campaigns

About the client

The client handles the promotional material warehouses for one the leading FMCG brands in India for over past 15 years. The operations spans across all states with 30+ warehouse with mother warehouse located in Mumbai using hub and spoke model.

Problem Statement

Client has 30+ warehouses across India that handles the products of 50+ lines of business of the said FMCG brand in hub and spoke model. As the Client handles promotional materials, the product code changes every month in line with the latest promotions. To meet this requirement, the client wanted a system that could easily create SKU codes every month. Due to bulk of material movement in hub and spoke model, the tracking of products in all the warehouses and transfer from mother warehouse to child warehouse created huge operational issues. Identifying losses/damages of product during transfers was a major problem with cost implications. Tracking and linking of kits and components during kitting and de-kitting operations with the supplier invoices was required, even after the material were transferred to other warehouses. Similarly, tracking of material against purchase order number in all warehouse was tedious task.


PALMS has multi-warehouse and multi-company support and user access control based on the same parameters. This provides operational control and visibility of stock on warehouse level for each line of business. The client specific solutions to create monthly operational cycle and creating new SKU codes using bulk upload for each operational cycle was implemented. External stock transfers were configured for movement of stock from mother warehouse to child warehouse and tracking of movement within and across both warehouses. Any dispatched materials from mother warehouse gets an auto ASN created in child warehouse to track any losses during the transportation. Damages are also handled at the time of receiving in the child warehouses. Option to create kits within the warehouse and workflow of kit creation was implemented. This feature keeps the trace of components during the kitting and de-kitting operations. PO management module helped in easing out of tracking the purchase orders in all warehouse.

The client has been using PALMS since past 4 years as an all-around WMS solution for all their warehouses operations.