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Industry 4.0 for Supply Chain – The role of AI (Part 2)

Industry 4.0 for Supply Chain – The role of AI (Part 2) This is part 2 of a 3-part blog, addressing the 3 questions below. Part 1 – What is Industry 4.0? Part 2 – Where does Supply Chain figure in Industry 4.0? Part 3 – What is the role of AI in Supply Chain […]

Warehouse Management Trivia

Warehouse Management Trivia Let us look at some of the most common terminologies associated with warehouse management, their meaning and usage: What is TAT? TAT or Turn Around Time is an important metric in Supply Chain. All material movement activities (loading, unloading, put-away, picking, dispatch, etc.) can be measured and benchmarked using TAT What is […]

9 Reason selecting PALMS™ Warehouse Management System

9 Reason selecting PALMS™ Warehouse Management System Provides configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Highly advanced logic based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement features in PALMS™ helps dramatically control labor costs and space utilization. The solution based on its Service Oriented […]

Why Warehouse Management System?

Why Warehouse Management System? It is not so easy to manage warehouse operations. It includes efficient utilization of man-power, equipment & space and at the same time reduce the inventory carrying cost – all of which helps to run a profitable business in today’s competitive business environment. It looks simple in theory. But in reality, […]

Warehousing in 3PL

Warehousing in 3PL Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are establishments that provide solutions to help various businesses manage and execute the logistics of warehousing in a better manner.  3PL service providers can boost warehouses’ success rate and simplify their customers supply chain. They also help in bringing effectiveness in order fulfilment and shipping transport. In a […]

Cross Dock Operations

Cross Dock Operations Cross-dock operations are one of the most crucial concepts in supply chain management, which reduces the overall cost of the Supply Chain while increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. A cross dock is typically useful in a scenario where a large quantity of material has to be shipped on a regular […]

End to End Operations Using a Warehouse Management System(WMS)

End to End Operations Using a Warehouse Management System(WMS) What is a Warehouse? A warehouse is a large physical structures used to store: Raw Materials and Finished Goods Warehouses are used by various entities like, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Distributers, Wholesalers, etc.., to maintain inventory of the goods they transact in. What is Warehouse Management? Warehouse […]