9 Reason selecting PALMS™ Warehouse Management System

supply chain

Provides configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Highly advanced logic-based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement feature in PALMS™ help dramatically control labor costs and space utilization. The solution based on its Service Oriented Architecture offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics, and other 3rd party systems.

PALMS has also been rigorously tested for robustness and scalability.

Higher Space Utilization
By automating location management and defining put away and pick strategies you can improve 20% of warehouse space.


20% Improve Resource Utilization
HHT with workflow based environment will help improving better utilization of your manpower and machines.


15% Less Inventory
By fulfilling on-time and accurate order cycle with better utilization of space you can now stock less and reduce Inventory holding cost.


30% Better Order Fulfillment
Better Order planning with location management and accurate picking using real time HHT, RFID and voice will improve your order fulfillment cycles and improves credibility.


20% Reduce Sales Returns
By implementing and automating smart pick process with Barcode, HHT, RFID and Voice you can now deliver on-time and accurate items, which will help reducing your returns.


20% Higher Customer Retentions
Integrate with Customer’s and their supplier’s systems & processes to provide real time ordering process with inventory visibility will help retain your customers.


Informed Decision Making
Have 360 degree view of your business operations using PALMS™ Analytics and take right decision at the right time.


Future Ready
Stay in tune with latest technology and solutions with PALMS™Warehouse Management System.



Partners Collaborations
Automate and integrate your customer and supplier business processes with PALMS™ Partner Portal.


Read more about PALMS on our features page!





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